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Dr. Saffrone G. Emerson, LMHC, is a registered board certified therapist and credentialed supervisor. Sessions are AVAILABLE IN ORLANDO, VIERA, & VERO BEACH. Services include individual, marriage, Christian & family counseling. Immigrating from South Africa in the 80's, her studies began in New York, undergraduate work concluded at the University of South Florida with a BA in Psychology, she earned a Master’s Degree in Counseling at Webster University, and her PhD from Barry.

Dr. Saffrone encourages patients to be proactive in seeking healthy coping skills, more effective ways to communicate, & advantageous techniques to live their best possible life. While assisting the extended family, her recent work has examined the variety of ways that parents are affected by ADD. She advocates for TAKE STOCK IN CHILDREN & teaches harmonious home environment techniques to the entire family unit. Having presented on ADHD at the Southern Association of Counselor Education and Supervision Conference in Savannah, Georgia, she continues to work on her investigation about ways to improve the lives of individuals, and their families, facing the plethora of challenges in their daily life, work, marriage, and family.

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